The estate taxi driver challenges Uber

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The estate taxi driver challenges Uber



According to a taxi driver I spoke to, taxi technology services Uber and EasyTaxi will not break the ‘estate taxi’ service. He confidently said there are many reasons he is not shaken by Ubernomics:

1) Uber cannot beat the relationships they have with contacts in residential estates. He says the strong relationships supercede technology.

2) He gives credit facilities and negotiates rates downwards – which Uber cannot beat him at.

3) He can use Uber or EasyTaxi to get new contacts. Then keep them by building rapport (unlike the cartels in CBD)

4) being on EasyTaxi or Uber does not mean he pays them for every trip. He only pays for the bookings he gets via Uber.

Do you think this cab guy can beat Uber at the local residential level?

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